"The Traveling Lense: Sands of Time"

Photography by Nicole Canegata

Henle Studio Art Gallery - St. Croix, USVI

March 15th, 2018 - December 31st, 2018                                                                  

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To be able to speak through my lens and give a voice to the people, places and stories that I document; to stir discussions or emotion, shed light on a particular subject, is my driving force. Photography allows me to be honest, free, and ever present, always honoring my subjects and the world around me. 

In January 2018, I traveled to Egypt and Jordan on a spiritual pilgrimage with 10 strangers; it was a life-changing sacred journey. Besides being in awe of the ancient wonders, anyone who travels to Egypt will tell you that there is a powerful, otherworldly energy that you cannot help but feel. On this trip, I realized that my photography journey is spirit led, and I am truly inspired in the moment by the energy I feel, the people I encounter and the landscapes that move me.

However, my photography is not just about capturing moments, it is about digging deeper to understand the connection of our humanity, despite our differences. I was constantly in awe and humbled by the enthusiasm, hospitality and kindness I felt from the people I came across, both in Egypt and Jordan. I am saddened by the political divisiveness, negative terrorist stereotypes, and Xenophobia that the entire Middle East has had to endure as a result of the media. My hope is to promote awareness and inspire travel to both Egypt and Jordan, despite what the media portrays. You can only find truth in reality for yourself.

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