"Ode to Monochrome"

Photography by Nicole Canegata

Café Christine - Bistro & Art Gallery - St. Croix, USVI

January 7th, 2015 - February 27th, 2015                                                                  



Being able to capture a moment and duplicate it in time is like modern day magic in my book. To have my viewers emotionally connect with my images and subject matter is one of the main objectives in my work. Photography allows me to be honest, to be free, to be ever present, and to honor my subjects and the world around me. 

“Ode to Monochrome” is a body of artwork that reflects my admiration for black and white photography. All the works were produced digitally, emulating the dark room film process, and was inspired by some of the classic photographers such as Fritz Henle, Ruth Bernhard, and Imogen Cunningham. In this series, I have explored the elements of shape, line and texture within man-made/natural environments and through the female form, while abstracting parts of the whole. 

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